Las Vegas Discovery Flights

Las Vegas Discovery Flights

Discover Aviation with a Discovery Flight Lesson in Las Vegas!

Imagine being in the cockpit just before takeoff … your dream of flying does not get closer than this! The adrenaline rush starts from the moment you strap yourself in and get ready for takeoff. A Las Vegas Discovery Flight is your introduction to the world of aviation. If you have ever wanted to feel what it's like to fly without much classroom commitment, then a Las Vegas Discovery Flight is for you.

A Las Vegas Discovery Flight is 25-30 minutes of flying with a FAA Certified Instructor where you are introduced to the basics of aviation. You may even get 5-15 minutes of hands-on flying depending on the pilot’s judgment of your skill and maturity level. It's the perfect introduction to flight training and let's you know what you can expect from further flying lessons.

What is included?

  • Pre-Flight Briefing
  • 25-30 Minutes of Flying Time
  • Post-Flight Debriefing
  • Certificate of Flight
  • Student Pilot Logbook signed by your Instructor

After this first flying lesson, should you decide to make flying more than a hobby, your Las Vegas Discovery Flight is counted towards a Pilot License certification and is used as your introduction to the program. Las Vegas Flying Lessons will match you with a flight school and instructor near Las Vegas that will make your Las Vegas Discovery Flight a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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